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  • Cloud01/01/2023

    Are Public Clouds more secure that Privet Clouds? We all have an opinion on the great debate. Click below for more……. Are Private Clouds More Secure than Public Clouds – The Great Debate

  • AI – Should you worry?01/01/2023

    AI is a powerful tool. Views vary on its pros and cons. Read what Deloitte thinks about the balance of risk and opportunity here: Sulabh on AI (

  • BIM and Other IM Standards – Do They Matter?01/01/2023

    All standards come and go and BIM is no exception. BIM has been a solution looking for a problem for many years some may argue. The important thing is that BIM is a process not software of a standard:

  • Digital Construction and Digital Twin01/01/2023

    If you ask 10 construction engineers and 10 operations managers what they think of as a digital twin, you will get 22 answers. Here’s one view from an industry software provider, but make up you

  • Mobility in the Hostile Workface01/01/2023

    Doing work at the point of performance has been been mobile enabled in certain industries for a while (think your Sky or British Gas engineer (other broadband and utilities are available !)). But what

  • PLM – Key Success Factors01/01/2023

    PLM (Plant/Product Lifecycle Management) is a core digital tool in many industries (aerospace, automotive, and oil and gas to name three) but is less common in energy, utilities or construction. What